Eat More Healthy Dessert This Year

Yes, you heard me correctly!


This year aim to eat MORE dessert.


Often when we want to be healthier, and to feel more energized and confident in our clothes, we start by depriving ourselves of the things we enjoy, like dessert.


Deprivation is never sustainable. Willpower only lasts so long. 


When we cave, we often feel down on ourselves or worse, stop working towards our goals. 


But what if we didn’t have to give up, or reduce, dessert to still be able to achieve our goals? 


What if dessert could feel like a treat AND be good for our bodies at the same time? 


What if instead of cutting out desserts we made our desserts nutrient dense and free of toxic inflammatory ingredients 


This year, I want to encourage you to have more of what you enjoy by making desserts that are nourishing to your body while containing less toxic and inflammatory ingredients. 


Here is how to make your...

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20 Healthy, Nutrient Dense Holiday Recipes - Mains, Appetizers, Side Dishes & Desserts

Holiday food gets a bad rap, don’t you think?

Generally, it’s because these dishes tend to be high in calories and filled with starchy carbohydrates, sugar and processed ingredients. Combine that with overeating to the point that our pants are tight, our gut hurts, and we pass out on the couch from a blood sugar crash… there you get your bad rap.

Speaking from experience, I used to prepare myself mentally for the overeating of heavy foods that would happen on the holidays because I knew I’d feel terrible after the meal, and for the weeks to follow, until I got myself back on track.

Here’s the good news! Holiday eating doesn’t have to go like this anymore. We can make some really delicious, whole food, low sugar, and nutrient dense foods that won’t send our bodies into a code red emergency.  We don’t have to feel terrible after the meal, or guilty for eating junk, or feeling like we set ourselves back.

We can make and eat holiday...

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