Confused about nutrition and how to nourish your body to thrive?


Struggling with IBS, Brain Fog, or Chronic Fatigue?


Frustrated with the lack of answers and solutions to your health symptoms?


Want to finally get to the root cause and take a holistic approach to your wellness?


Hello, Iā€™m Heather!

I specialize in supporting burned out, high-achieving women who feelĀ confused about nutrition,Ā or are struggling with digestive discomfort, brain fog, chronic fatigue, and inflammatory health issues.

I offer a holistic and bio-individual approach to wellness, starting with identifying the root cause of symptoms and addressing those with food, detoxification protocols, and supportive lifestyle practices.

As your Functional Nutritional Therapy practitioner my goal is to help you feel energized, focused, and capable of thriving in your career and at home.

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Reduce Inflammation & Boost Your Immune System

What you eat can have a huge impact on your immune system and the level of inflammation in your body.

This 6-day meal plan incorporates antioxidant rich, nutrient-dense, and immune boosting ingredients to reduce inflammation and strengthen your immune system.

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"Immunity Booster Meal Plan"

I get it. I've been in your shoes.

Years of health symptoms with no explanations. By taking a "root cause" approach to my health, using nutrition as a therapeutic foundation while detoxifying my body and environment, I finally reduced my symptoms and got my life back!

Now, I'm here to walk this journey with you and to show you what's possible with your health.

I will help you achieve more energy, motivation, focus, and a better mood; reduce digestive discomfort; and detoxify your body and environment so that you feel more comfortable, confident, and alive in your body... maybe for the first time ever

As a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach, and Cellular Detox Specialist I take a “root cause” (aka the real reason for your symptoms and why you don’t feel well) approach to fixing gut, brain, hormone and inflammatory issues. Through functional assessments and labs, targeted therapeutic nutrition, and holistic wellness practices, I’ll help you replenish, revive and rebalance your body and mind.

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"Reclaim Your Health" Nutritional Therapy Program

Through my Reclaim Your Health personalized nutrition and wellness coaching program we’ll get to the root cause of your symptoms and address those causes by supporting your body nutritionally, and by reducing interferences (hidden infections, toxins, foods, etc.) so that your body can do what it does best… heal & rebalance!

The Reclaim Your Health Coaching Program addresses the 3 components of the “Healthy Body & Brain Equation”

Nourishment - Interferences + Detoxification = Vibrant Health!


Nourish your body with clean, nutrient dense foods and supportive lifestyle practices


Identify hidden infections, toxins, food reactions and emotional stressors and reduce and remove these interferences to allow for healing.


Detoxify your body from years of toxic build-up to halt nutrient depletion and the chaos happening in your body.

We’ll use my 7R approach to nourish your body while working to reduce chaos and dysfunction:

R1: Replenish

Your body with nutrients based on indicated nutrient deficiencies and other bio-individual needs.

R2: Restore

Digestive function, cellular energy, adrenal function, and methylation (activates & deactivates gene expression)

R3: Remove

Hidden infections, toxins, inflammatory foods & other stressors

R4: Reduce

Inflammation, toxic exposures, and built up toxins stored in the body & brain

R5: Repair

Your digestive tract, cells and tissues

R6: Rebalance

Your microbiome, brain chemistry and lifestyle

R7: Relax

Your nervous system so that you can reserve needed nutrients for repair and healing rather than fighting the proverbial tiger!

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"Nourish to Thrive" NutritionĀ Foundations Program

The Nourish to ThriveĀ nutrition foundations coaching program is for the woman who is feeling confused about what to eat or how to make it happen in her busy life. She wants to improve her energy and focus, and maybe even lose some weight. She wants to understand how her body works, how food can play a role in optimizing her health, and how to feed her family nutrient dense meals. This can be a big task for the woman who is on the go. I will help you demystify and simplify your nutrition, and teach you to build doable meal plans and routines that truly nourish your body so that you can thrive!

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I have worked with Heather weekly over the past 3 months to lift the layers on my health challenges and work through different approaches to heal my gut. I appreciate her non-judgmental approach and her insights that inspired me to make lasting changes. My gut health has noticeably improved and I continue to use the protocols she has recommended. I really appreciate Heather's expertise and would fully recommend her to others. Cheers!

- Lynnee J.


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