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functional wellness Dec 10, 2020

A year ago I was struggling with chronic fatigue, nausea, heart burn and extreme bloating. I spent most of my days in complete discomfort. It hurt to eat, it hurt to button my pants, I felt nauseous at times, and often just didn’t want to eat. When I did feel hungry, I’d eat a bite, and lose my appetite.

I woke feeling “hungover” every morning and had to talk myself into getting out of bed. The discussion in my head often went something like this… “you can do it, Heather, one leg off the bed, then the other, you can do it!”  I literally had to rip myself from the sheets most mornings.  While my mind was awake, my body just couldn’t physically move.  

Over the previous 18-month period, I also mysteriously gain 10 pounds, even though I was exercising and hadn’t really changed my diet.  Needless to say, I was frustrated and wasn’t feeling very confident in my skin. 

I also was struggling...

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