Want to feel alive in your body again?

I get it. I've been in your shoes.

Years of health symptoms with no explanations. By taking a "root cause" approach to my health, and using nutrition as a therapeutic foundation, I finally reduced my symptoms and got my life back!

Now, I'm here to walk this journey with you and to show you what's possible with your health.

I will help you achieve more energy and focus, help you improve digestive function and detox your body, and through this, you'll begin to feel more comfortable and confident in your body again or... maybe for the first time ever!

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Hey there!

I’m Heather Glenn, your health detective, guide, companion and biggest cheerleader on the road to reclaiming your health!

As a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach, it’s my mission to help burnt out professional women and moms like you to get to the root cause of why you aren’t feeling well. Through targeted nutrition and therapeutic wellness protocols, my aim is to help you regain your energy, focus and joy in life.

When conventional medicine left me without answers to my own health concerns, its only solutions were antidepressants and antacids. Unsatisfied with its lack of answers and solutions, I sought an alternate approach to healing.

In the process, I learned about the power of food and nutrients as medicine, and the impacts that chronic emotional stress, environmental toxins, hidden infections, and chronic inflammation can have on our bodies and brain functioning.

My own healing journey led me to pursue a career in functional nutrition and wellness so that I could support myself, my family, and other women who are experiencing the same frustration with regard to the lack of answers and solutions to their health concerns, and who wanted a holistic approach to healing.

Through the lens of my own personal experience in recovering from chronic fatigue, anxiety, heartburn, nausea, bloating, brain fog, blurred vision, dizziness, and chronic inflammation, I know first-hand how impactful targeted therapeutic nutrition and getting to the root cause of symptoms can be in getting your life back.

My story in a nutshell

Like you, I have always been a high achiever. Literally, I came out of the womb faster than my dad could grab a cup of coffee in the hospital cafeteria and return to the delivery room.

As long as I can remember, I had big dreams and goals for myself and held myself to high standards.  As an “A” student who put myself through college, earned the coveted corporate job, and then started my own wellness business, there was no stopping until I reached the top.

I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform, and it didn’t get any better once I became a mom.  

As time went on, my health began to decline in spite of exercising, counting calories, watching portions, and maintaining a healthy weight.  It wasn’t enough to keep my body well under the weight of the chronically stressed lifestyle I was living.

Ladies, let me be straight with you for a second… 

We can’t build a healthy body and mind (or lose weight) and stay well in our world today if we continue to drive ourselves into the ground. 

Eventually, something will have to give. 

Either we decide to lighten our load and the extreme expectations we put on ourselves, or our bodies will rebel. 

Don’t worry, reducing stress in your life and supporting your nervous system (aka finding more calm) is part of the work we will do together if you decide to spend more time with me. I’ve got you!

Back to my story…

My journey into the world of holistic health and functional wellness began with me lying like a zombie on the floor in my one-year old’s bedroom.  He was playing and I was doing everything I could to pretend I was engaging while not falling asleep from exhaustion.  

At the time, I had two kids under 5, was running a million dollar fitness company, and trying to keep up in the rat race of the San Francisco Bay Area.  I had also recently gone through the traumatic loss of my mother to cancer. 

For months I hadn’t been feeling like my old self. There was a time where I had the energy to exercise, be social, take on the demands of my career, and just get sh$t done.  I was happy and had a thirst for life.

I missed that woman.

What was wrong with me?

As I laid there on the floor, I remembered being a child and watching my mother live her life in bouts of sadness and anger. Those memories stirred up tears. I couldn’t help but think that someday soon, my son would remember his mom, tired and sad too. 

I know the impact that my mom’s mood had on myself and my family growing up, and I didn’t want that life for my boys.

I had to do SOMETHING to pull myself out of this.

So I did what most people would do. I made an appointment with my primary care doctor to find out why I wasn’t feeling like my old self. 

I was hoping that a conversation with my doctor or my lab work would provide some insight and actionable answers.  But to my dismay, all of my blood work came back NORMAL.  

Because doctors are only prepared to prescribe medications and surgery, the only solution I was offered was a referral to a psychiatrist who could prescribe me anti-depressants (womp-womp-womp).

Side note: It’s common to receive a prescription for antidepressants as a default when the answers to your health concerns aren’t quickly evident.  It now becomes something that’s “all in your head.”

But I digress.

I decided to be a good patient and go see the psychiatrist. I received my prescription and started to take it daily. 

One week into it, I just felt numb. I knew then that I didn’t want to live my life medicated. Sure I felt less sadness but I also felt less joy.

Something inside me believed that if I didn’t need antidepressants for the first 30 plus years of my life to be happy and feel motivated, why did I need them now?  Couldn’t I get back to that same person I was before somehow?

Thankfully my life coach at the time encouraged me to go see a functional wellness practitioner. She believed something in my body chemistry was off and holding me back.

I went to see the person she recommended. They conducted the most extensive health intake I’d ever experienced, and tested my body physically for how it reacted to various foods. 

I didn’t understand everything we were doing, but I was desperate to try something that would help me feel better and that wouldn’t create more chaos in my body like a medication would.

I left the office with a list of foods to eliminate and some therapeutic supplements to take. At the time, I didn’t understand how this was going to help me. Now, I see that those foods were causing inflammation in my body and brain. This inflammation was impacting the production of my feel good hormones and depleting my body of important nutrients (basically sucking the life out of me). 

The supplements supported me to get back to a more balanced state nutritionally. They were also tackling a yeast (Candida) overgrowth in my gut. A candida overgrowth can lead to all sorts of symptoms including anxiety and depression.

About two months into the protocol, I started to feel more like my old self.

I was sold on this approach to better health!

At the same time that all of this was happening, my oldest son had been dealing with eczema (since he was 9 months old).

His doctor recommended steroid cream… on a 9 month old baby?!?

I knew that steroids created chaos in the body and resulted in a whole host of side effects. My mom had been on them for her health issues and I believe they caused the downturn in her health.

One of my fitness clients at the time was a holistic nutritionist for kids. After sharing what was going on, she invited me to bring my son in for an evaluation.

Through an extensive symptom intake and a few functional labs, we found out that he too was dealing with food reactions as well as dysbiosis in his gut. 

By eliminating his reactive foods and incorporating various healing and gut rebalancing supplements, we were able to make progress. Within 4 months, his skin completely cleared up!

The story doesn’t end here though…

After these personal experiences, I knew that I wanted to learn more about functional wellness, not only to help my family but also to help others.

 This is when I began my training as a nutritionist and functional wellness coach through the Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine.

As I began to learn more about the power of nutrients, lifestyle changes and functional labs in the healing journey, my own health journey continued to take twists and turns. I am thankful that I knew what I knew at that time about how to look for root causes and use foods, supplements and lifestyle changes to support my body in repairing and rebalancing.

I went through a long period of dealing with digestive issues. Likely a result of years of stress, alcohol and eating processed “low calorie/low fat” foods.

I’ll save you all of the details because I know you don’t have all day! 

Basically, I had various gut infections that were causing heartburn, nausea, extreme bloating, and fatigue.  Using therapeutic supplements, I was able to remove and reduce the pathogens and start healing and rebalancing my gut.  

If you want to learn more on my digestive healing story you can find it here.

The painful journey kept going for me just like that inning in your son’s baseball game where the other team is racking up runs and your team just can’t get that third out (enough already!)

Just when I started to get my digestive issues under control, I went through another stressful period in my life that sent my health into a downward spiral.

In a few month's time span, we had remodeled our bathrooms in our home and then decided to move our family from California to Colorado. At the same time I was taking an advanced certification course in digestive healing and trying to balance studying, homework and exams with a BIG move cross country.  To top it off, this was just a year after the events of 2020.

In May of 2021 I experienced a dizzy spell in the car where I almost blacked out. Thankfully I wasn’t the one driving. 

About a week later, I had a sudden onset of ringing in my ears. Over the next few months this progressed to dizziness, blurred vision, pain and pressure in my head (especially around the ears), twitching muscles and had the “feels like a truck hit me” fatigue. I woke up every day feeling hungover.

It took me 7 months to begin to peel the layers of this onion. Through functional labs, various doctor and health practitioner appointments, symptom assessments, and hours and hours of personal research, I started to find some answers.

I discovered through piecing together recent events and subsequently running functional labs that I was suffering from mold illness, CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome), heavy metals, and a reactivated Epstein Barr Virus…just to name a few.

Basically, my body’s natural immune system was in a chronic response state trying to tackle all of these things at once.  It simply couldn’t keep up anymore.

This was leading me down the path of autoimmune. I heard things like Hashimoto’s and Multiple Sclerosis from those I shared my story with. After doing a functional autoimmune lab, I did have markers for both but was not considered diagnosable at that point.

Ok, so many details I could share here but let’s go ahead and land this plane.

I’m still on my journey to recovering. But knowing the root causes of my health symptoms keeps me moving forward and believing that I can return my body to full health.  

Knowing how to nourish my body back to health, how to remove interferences like mold and hidden infections, and how to detox my body, will help my body do what it does best - heal!

Now it’s your turn!

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What I've Learned

  • Our healthcare system is failing us when it comes to chronic modern disease.
  • We are under chronic stress from our current lifestyle and our toxic environment and we have to work to reduce these stressors or our health will decline.
  • We need to see our symptoms as warning signs that something isn’t right and stop masking them with medications and other therapies.
  • It’s never just one thing that is keeping us sick.
  • We have to be our own best advocate when it comes to our health.
  • We have a choice in how we care for our body.
  • We need to seek support from others who will listen and believe us when we say we don’t feel well.
  • Healing is a journey of two steps forward and one step back. Trial and error is key.
  • Our body can heal if we remove interferences and nourish our body with the right foods and nutrients.
  • Wellness is a lifelong process, not a one and done.

By now you can probably tell that I am passionate about this whole functional approach to nutrition and wellness. I thrive on empowering women in their health, educating them about their bodies, and watching them flourish as they begin to make supportive nutrition and lifestyle changes all while working to eliminate the stressors and toxins in their lives.

Seeing women come alive, and experiencing joy in their life again, is one of the most rewarding things I do in the world.  

My journey has been one of “pain to purpose”. 

Now, I'm here to walk this journey with you and to show you what's possible with your health.

I will help you achieve more energy and focus, help you improve digestive function and detox your body, and through this, you'll begin to feel more comfortable and confident in your body again... maybe for the first time ever!

Let’s connect and get started on your journey towards better health!

I take a bio-individual approach to nutrition because there is not a one-size-fits all diet that works for everyone. Each person has their own nutrition needs based on ancestry, current lifestyle, health history, health struggles and preferences.

I start by helping my clients address their priority foundations of health which includes:

  • Incorporating properly sourced and prepared whole foods
  • Supporting blood sugar
  • Improving digestion & absorption
  • Balancing fatty acids & minerals
  • Removing toxins from the body and environment.
  • Moving, sleeping and reducing emotional stress

When we focus on supporting these priority foundations, our body has the amazing ability to rejuvenate itself so that we feel whole and highly functioning again.

I also conduct an extensive intake session and will recommend various assessments and labs to help us identify hidden infections, toxins, and food reactions that are depleting nutrients and causing chaos and dysfunction in the body. By identifying these interferences, we can begin to reduce and remove them giving your body the capability to heal and rebalance.

I am a proponent of building healthy practices in small bite-sized pieces so that new lifestyle habits feel doable, and more importantly, SUSTAINABLE. Small wins will give you confidence and provide motivation to keep going. The compound effect of those small changes, done consistently over time, will lead to long-term change, and that’s what we want! 

When you work with me you’ll have an empathetic and steadfast partner on your health journey, so you never feel you are alone in the process.

Yes! I have years of relevant education and client experience but I believe that it’s my own personal journey that has taught me the crucial components to helping my clients succeed. 

My own experience drives me to create a space of acceptance and understanding, where clients can feel heard and empowered to make positive changes.


Relevant Education

Kalish Institute Functional Medicine Internship Graduate

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Other Important Stuff

  • 22 years experience in the wellness industry coaching clients in their health and wellness goals.
  • Served thousands of women and men through my personalized nutrition coaching programs, online fitness and nutrition community, and fitness boot camps.
  • BS in Business from the University of Colorado, Boulder (Go Buffs!)
  • 5 Years experience in corporate finance and accounting (so I can help you with your finances too - JK!)
  • 20 years as an entrepreneur so I know the stress and pressure it can bring.
  • 16 years raising boys and honing my negotiation skills, sports acumen, and logging hours as a M-Uber driver.
  • Former gymnast, cheerleader and fitness competitor. Movement has always been a foundation for inner strength.
  • Traveling, snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking, lifting weights, practicing yoga, and improving my golf skills is my jam (or would it be multiple jams??)
  • Enneagram Type 9w1 - Striving for peace and balance as a 9 but driven by perfection as a wing 1. Hmm, is it actually possible to have both peace and perfection?
  • Human Design Projector Type - Projectors have an ability to see things clearly in a way the others can't, and can be incredible guides (hint hint).

OK! Enough about me. 

I want to know more about you and where you want to take your health.

If you are ready to take control of your health by nourishing your body and getting to the root cause of your health issues, let’s talk!

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