20 Healthy, Nutrient Dense Holiday Recipes - Mains, Appetizers, Side Dishes & Desserts

holistic nutrition recipes Dec 17, 2020

Holiday food gets a bad rap, don’t you think?

Generally, it’s because these dishes tend to be high in calories and filled with starchy carbohydrates, sugar and processed ingredients. Combine that with overeating to the point that our pants are tight, our gut hurts, and we pass out on the couch from a blood sugar crash… there you get your bad rap.

Speaking from experience, I used to prepare myself mentally for the overeating of heavy foods that would happen on the holidays because I knew I’d feel terrible after the meal, and for the weeks to follow, until I got myself back on track.

Here’s the good news! Holiday eating doesn’t have to go like this anymore. We can make some really delicious, whole food, low sugar, and nutrient dense foods that won’t send our bodies into a code red emergency.  We don’t have to feel terrible after the meal, or guilty for eating junk, or feeling like we set ourselves back.

We can make and eat holiday inspired dishes that nourish and energize our body, and that are naturally portion controlling. Foods higher in protein, fat and nutrients will feed our body what it needs so we are less likely to overeat or crave foods (which happens when we only feed our body calories and not nutrients).

Keeping our portions in check and eating higher protein/fat dishes that are lower in sugar will help balance our blood sugar so that we don’t experience cravings or energy crashes. 

Ok, so some of you might be wondering why I suggest higher fat foods since we’ve been taught for nearly 70 years that high fat foods are bad for our health. This is really a bigger discussion, but the bottom line is that we used some pretty poor research to make this conclusion, and it is now being discovered that our bodies really need more fat than we’ve been feeding it (as long as we eat natural fats of course).

I know you want to enjoy delicious foods at your holiday meal and that you want to feel good about the food you eat and serve your family. That’s why I’ve created my “20 Health-Full Holiday Recipes” recipe book!  It contains 5 savory appetizers, 5 unique mains, 5 veggie filled sides and 5 tasty, perfectly portioned desserts that are nutrient dense and satisfying.

You can download a copy for free by clicking HERE. Feel free to share this blog post with your friends and family so they can grab a copy of these recipes too!

Remember that exercise and movement will also give you energy, boost your metabolism and naturally inspire you to make healthier choices.  Be sure to incorporate exercise during the holidays, even if it’s a simple walk around the neighborhood or a 10-minute strength or cardio session with an at-home workout program.  I’ve included some of my favorite home workout programs HERE so you can try them out and in get in a good sweat session over the holidays! 

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In case we don’t connect before the holidays, I want to wish you and your family and wonderful holiday full of joy, special memories and lots of delicious and nourishing food!


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