Be a "Basic B" with your health routine to get unstuck

healthy habits May 02, 2024
Back to Basics
 I heard the term “Be a Basic B” from a business mentor of mine.

You can probably fill in the blank as to what the "B" stands for however, whether you know or don't know the word, it doesn't matter for getting to the point (whew!).

After applying the concept of "Be a Basic B" to running my business, it shifted the momentum in my business to one of growth and positive results.

It helped me to stop overcomplicating everything and it got me “unstuck”.

Being a “Basic B” means being the woman who keeps her actions simple (and focused) so that she can be consistent long enough to get real results.

Today I’m applying this concept to your health and nutrition to help you get unstuck with 3 basic needle moving actions that are simple and repeatable.

 Ready for them?

  1. Daily movement
  2. Ample water
  3. One nutrient dense food swap

 Can it be this simple?


 I see it ALL the time with my clients.

One of my clients started with the simple action of drinking a glass of water in the morning before his coffee (a new practice for him).  Over time as his body became more hydrated, he told me that his water in the morning made him feel more energized than his coffee ever did.

Say what?!?

Another client started with 20 minutes of walking and a 10 minute strength routine from home. This helped her ditch the afternoon slump along with 1 pound of body weight per week!

One more example...  A client of mine introduced a nutrient dense shake in place of the lunch she'd usually pick up from the sandwich shop and noticed her digestive symptoms improved.  She also experienced fewer cravings in the afternoon, felt motivated to make more small changes, and lost 12 pounds in 3 months.

JUST by swapping in a more nutrient dense, gut-friendly option for lunch during the week!

Getting a health routine started, and achieving results, doesn’t have to require a ton of time, or a rigorous and complicated plan.

It also doesn’t require perfection.

Any plan needs to be easily repeatable so that you can maintain it long enough to see results.

It can be as simple as making a small change each day until it becomes a habit, and then building on that habit by adding another new habit.

I want to offer you an opportunity to work with me starting in May to build a consistent fitness, water, and daily superfood routine that will help you feel energized, confident, productive, and joyful.

It may even help you address some of those nagging digestive symptoms, mood swings, fatigue, and brain fog.

Get ready to Spring into your best Summer by building your routine now!

I promise I’ll be here every step of the way to help you stay on track and trouble shoot when needed.

If you’d like to learn more about my “Back to Basics” Summer health routine challenge and support program, complete the application here.

Once I receive your application, I'll reach out with additional information and next steps.

I can’t wait to help you get started and show you how simple a health routine can be!

 In health,

Heather Glenn, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Restorative Wellness Practitioner & Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified Behavior Change & Weight Management Specialist

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