Health & Nutrition Assessment & Road Map Session

Are you struggling with chronic fatigue, digestive discomfort, brain fog or inability to lose weight and not sure where to begin to reclaim your health?

Book a personalized nutrition assessment session with me to get a baseline assessment of your bio-individual nutrition and wellness needs. Receive a customized road map for how to begin improving your health and nutrition, and some actionable practices you can start incorporating today. 

Before this session you'll complete a couple of detailed intake and assessment forms as well as a food & mood journal, and send over any labs and prior protocols, to help me gain a better understanding of your health goals and concerns, health history, current practices, symptoms, and where you may be nutritionally deficient. 

During our 90-minute session we'll...

  • Take a deep dive into your health history, current self-care and nutrition practices, and discuss your goals.
  • Review any previous lab work as well as protocols or plans you've followed in the past to try to resolve your health issues and achieve your goals.
  • Go over your Symptom Burden Assessment to discuss body systems that are needing the most support nutritionally and identifying potential nutrient deficiencies. 
  • Review your Food & Mood journal to identify how your body is responding to your current nutrition practices, and to get a better indication of potential food, mood, energy and digestive reactions. We'll look for ways to boost and balance your nutrition too!
  • Go over a road map of next steps that will take you towards abundant energy, strong mental focus, and a happy belly!


If after this session you would like continue to work together through one of my personalized coaching programs, I'll happily apply the cost of this session towards the investment in one of my coaching programs!

NOTE: All sessions are conducted via Zoom video conference.  

It's time to stop feeling frustrated and confused about your nutrition and symptoms! Get the guidance you need to understand how to nourish your body to thrive. 

Book your session today!