3-Month Nutrition & Wellness Jump-Start Program

This program is for the busy, overwhelmed woman who is feeling less than herself and needing a solid jump-start to a regain her energy and vitality.

This program includes a comprehensive initial intake session where we address your health concerns and goals, health history, detailed symptom information and assessment results, and current nutrition and lifestyle practices. 

We will work together to design a personalized nutrition, supplement and healthy lifestyle plan that addresses your concerns and moves you towards your goals. 

We will meet for 5 follow up sessions over a 3-month period review your progress, set new goals and update your plan as needed.  The added accountability of regular meetings and goal setting will help her keep focused on making lasting changes so that she can get back to crushing her goals and doing the things she enjoys most in life.


  • Comprehensive Initial Intake Session (75 Minutes)
  • 5 bi-weekly coaching sessions (50 Minutes each)
  • Initial Nutrition and Self-Care plan
  • Regular Food & Mood journal reviews
  • 2 Recipe books/meal plans packed with simple recipes that support good energy
  • Updated Health and Nutrition plan as needed
  • Fitness and self-care suggestions and check-ins
  • Suggested supplements to support priority body systems
  • Various other resources provided as needed

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