Project YOU! Personalized Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

‚Äč‚ÄčThis program is for busy women and men who want to overhaul or fine tune their daily health habits and receive an individualized approach to healing and energizing their bodies so they can live a super-charged and thriving life.

As a certified Holistic Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Behavior Change Specialist, I'll not only help broaden your knowledge in holistic health and help you create individualized fitness, nutrition and lifestyle actions steps, but will also utilize behavior change strategies to ensure that you keep accountable to your plan. 

We begin with a personal health intake, a nutrition and lifestyle assessment and an in depth discussion of your top health goals and areas you'd like to improve.  We'll connect twice a month for 3 months via video conference or phone to cover many key areas for optimizing your energy, metabolism and overall health.

Topics include sleep, hydration, exercise, healing nutrition practices, portion management, your primal eating type, stress management, life satisfaction, digestive health, environmental clean up, detoxification, rebalancing hormones and more!


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