About Heather

Hi There!  I’m Heather, a health nut and serial entrepreneur who is busy raising "ballers"…. yep my boys are baseball fanatics and I spend my weeknights and weekends at the ballpark watching and cheering them on as they pursue their passion for slugging balls and pitching strikes.

And, while I love playing ball with my boys and doing anything outdoorsy or rugged… such as obstacle course races, gymnastics, snowboarding, camping, wakeboarding and ATV riding through a damp, muddy tropical forest… I also thrive on being girly, glamorous, introspective, compassionate and a bit quirky.

By trade, I’m a fitness professional, nutrition guru, energy enhancement coach, adrenal and digestive health specialist, personal growth junkie and business mentor. I believe that a healthy body and mind are the foundation for a vibrant and fulfilling life. My passion is in helping busy women take care of their bodies, discover their unique beauty, build rewarding relationships, pursue their passion, create a business they love and ultimately…. live the life of their dreams.


Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness

Business, High Performance & Leadership

  • BA in Business Administration, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Former Certified Public Accountant
  • A Real Change's "SOHO" Social Media Apprenticeship - 2013
  • Dean Street Society's "Instagram With Intention" Course - 2016
  • Brendon Burchard's High Performance Academy - 2015
  • Brendon Burchard's Experts Academy - 2016

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